Terry Lake

FBI Special Agent 
Played by: Sabrina Lloyd

Full Name: Terry Lake

Washington DC

Birthdate: Unknown




Early Life:

FBI Career:
Terry has been an FBI agent for about ten years; she is a Forensic Psychologist, and profiler.  She can take cases too personally at times.

Personal Life:
She dates Don while they are at the FBI Academy at Quantico, but the two do not continue the relationship after graduation as they are assigned to different locations.

Terry has been married once, and is divorced  when she meets Don again in California.  However, they again decide not to continue their past relationship as their working relationship might suffer.

In late 2005, Terry moves back to Washington DC to work on patching things up with her ex-husband.


  • Terry is wearing a gold band on her left ring finger; it’s been seen in several episodes, including the Pilot
  • Terry Lake’s last episode was 111 Sacrifice

The Quotable Terry Lake:
  • It’s a cat and dog thing, some guys like women that can handcuff them. (Structural Corruption)
  • Nice to see your social skills are as sharp as ever. (Structural Corruption)
  • I find the idea of a medical hero interesting. (Vector)
  • Feds don’t like scandals. (Sacrifice)

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