Characters By Episode

Season One

101 — Pilot Don ran an FBI office in the past Don enjoys baseball Don drives a dark blue Chevy Suburban Don and Terry have known each other for ~10 years Don lives in an apartment Charlie is “almost thirty” Charlie does not have a driver’s license Charlie’s middle name is Edward Charlie has helped […]

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Season Two

201 — Judegement Call Don doesn’t want to put someone at risk simply from knowing him. Charlie gets a new learner’s permit after losing his first one to speeding Charlie knows the art of origami Terry Lake has transferred to Washington DC to give her marriage a second chance Rhonda Pickford had a crush on

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Season Three

301 — Spree Alan is planning to move out of the house and into a condo; he has told both Don and Charlie. Alan says the reason he is doing this is because he hasn’t lived alone for forty years. Don likes tennis Don has always rented, never owned a house or apartment. Larry is

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Season Four

401 — Trust Metric Charlie and Amita are progressing with their relationship and are happy Events in The Janus List were five weeks ago Colby reported his contact with Dwayne to steal information and was used as a triple agent to discover who Dwanye was reporting to in the Department of Justice Larry is still

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Season Five

501 — High Exposure Events in When Worlds Collide take place roughly three weeks previous Charlie is cleared of all charges stemming from sending the email to Pakistan due to a motion made by the federal prosecutor’s office Charlie will have to reapply for his clearance which will involve a new clearance investigation Nikki Bentancourt

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Season Six

601 — Hangman Charlie writes his letter to the future professor to have his office Charlie and Amita announce they are engaged. Larry is waiting for his invitation to do research at CERN in Geneva. 602 — Friendly Fire Larry has worked on his eleven dimension super gravity theory and other physics problems in the

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