Season Four

401 — Trust Metric

  • Charlie and Amita are progressing with their relationship and are happy
  • Events in The Janus List were five weeks ago
  • Colby reported his contact with Dwayne to steal information and was used as a triple agent to discover who Dwanye was reporting to in the Department of Justice
  • Larry is still at the monastery, but is off his white food only diet
  • Don tried reading a paper Charlie wrote in the 11th grade on friendship matrixes as a way to pick up girls.
  • Colby’s op name was Stalking Horse

402 — Hollywood Homicide

  • Colby is still at the LA office awaiting re-assignment.
  • David doesn’t know what to think now about their friendship and feels guilty about accepting Colby was a traitor so quickly
  • Amita has a key to the Craftman house now, supposedly so Alan won’t have to keep answering the door for her.
  • Charlie’s “Mathematical Analysis of Friendship Dynamics” written when he was 12 years old will be published.
  • Charlie fights cases of writer’s block by cleaning the house
  • Charlie and Alan keep fish
  • Liz browses “trashy gossip web sites”

403 — Velocity

  • Colby is offered a job with the Washington DC FBI office.  He is unsure if he wants it as he’d rather stay on Don’s team.  Colby turns down the DC job and Don promises to look into Colby staying in LA.
  • Colby’s father died when he was fifteen.
  • Colby is awarded the FBI’s Medal of Meritorious Conduct for his part in the spy case.
  • Charlie has been offered a book deal from McCadden Books for his Friendship Matrices paper; the deal is for a self-help book, not a textbook.  Charlie decides to take the book deal as it will get the math out to more people.
  • Amita plays chess very well
  • Alan was married and was a father by the time he was in his early thirties.
  • Alan took engineering classes when he was in college, but fears he has lost most of that knowledge now. He decides to audit an introductory mechanical engineering course at CalSci.
  • Megan knows about car mechanics and maintenence
  • The FBI keeps Amita’s image enhancement algorithms on hand.

404 — Thirteen

  • Charlie’s book is titled: The Attraction Equation: Being Popular is as Easy As Pi
  • Charlie would spy in Don when they were kids
  • Alan has thirty years experience as an urban planner
  • One of the few things Alan could help Charlie with during his school years was making dioramas.
  • Megan’s assignment with the Department of Justice was working with the CIA interrogating suspected terrorists.
  • Colby is staying with Don’s team.

405 — Robin Hood

  • Millie is still around campus, though she has not been seen yet this season
  • Amita’s parents do not live in the LA area, and are far enough away to need to fly to reach the city.
  • Amita is hesitant to introduce Charlie to her parents, specifically her father, as Charlie is not Indian.
  • Colby watches Mythbusters
  • Alan’s plans for his sons were for Don to play professional baseball and Charlie to help him start a planning firm
  • Charlie is thinking long-term in his relationship with Amita
  • Events in The Art of Reckoning (season three) were three months ago
  • Larry is thinking of leaving the monastery
  • Don runs a violent crimes team for the FBI
  • Lt. Walker has had three ex-wives one of them was a sergeant

406 — In Security

  • Don had an affair with Leah Wexford when he worked at the Albuquerque FBI office.  He has a sealed file “full of reprimands” because of the relationship.
  • Charlie’s book is out and he has his first book signing
  • Larry thinks he is about to be kicked out of the monestary
  • Don and Liz’s relationship is in question

407 — Primacy

  • Charlie asks Amita to move in with him
  • Charlie’s book is selling very well (it’s listed in the top 100 at Amazon)
  • Larry returns to CalSci to teach a seminar
  • Amita has played Primacy since she was an undergrad (age 19).  Her avatar’s name is Kali Goddess of Destruction
  • Don and Liz are on the outs and Don is wondering what to do
  • Colby hasn’t had a serious date in two years
  • Larry has been offered the chance to help search for the God Particle
  • Charlie’s publicist for the book is named Ruby
  • Alan is pondering moving again
  • Information on Amita’s driver’s license*:
    • 2901 W Dorchester St
    • Los Angeles, CA 90006
    • DOB 06/10/75

*Information is from a prop. Spoken dialog will take precedence in canon.

408 — Tabu

  • Liz has had a key to Don’s apartment, a key she returns as they separate.
  • The case brings up issues for Megan regarding her relationship with her father.
  • Megan decides to go back to New York to talk to her father and invites Larry to go with her.
  • Amita built her first computer at the age of thirteen.
  • David is getting a reputation as a “cowboy” within the FBI.

409 — Graphic

  • Charlie’s book is on the best-seller’s list and he is interviewed by Vanity Fair.
  • David is an avid comic book collector
  • Colby is looking to meet someone
  • Larry’s favorite comic book character was Galactus (Fantastic Four)
  • Ross Moore draws Larry as a super-hero named the Quantum Avenger

410 — Chinese Box

  • Liz is leaving Don’s team to go back to Narcotics
  • Megan and Larry are back together and planning to go back East together
  • David has an older sister (was not specific if this was Linda or another sister.)

411 — Breaking Point

  • Charlie is not the most observant of drivers.
  • Don is concerned he is holding Charlie back from something great.
  • Alan and Don put a new roof on the Craftsman house soon after Margaret died.
  • The Craftsman house was built in about 1909.

412 — Power

  • Larry is still at the monestary, but gives up his cell for a weekend
  • Megan attended college
  • Larry accepts a position to help find the God Particle (Higgs boson) and asks Amita to be his computational partner.  She accepts.
  • Neither Amita nor Larry eat red meat.

413 — Black Swan

  • Amita’s parents moved back to India “a year ago”.
  • When Amita’s parents come to visit, their traditions include hiking and waffles at Roscoe’s
  • Amita’s parents are consulting with the Indian Minestry of Finance.
  • Colby is a jogger
  • Megan isn’t sure anymore about her FBI work
  • David is a Beatles fan; and so is Charlie
  • David went to Cornell University
  • David likes “classic” video games like Missile Command and Frogger

414 — Checkmate

  • Charlie signs up for a two day FBI training course
  • Amita worked at The Gap in high school
  • Robin has been back in LA for “a couple of months” after prosecuting a case in Miami.
  • Larry is a fan of Sherlock Holmes and Star Trek
  • Don and Robin were together for six months
  • Larry meditates
  • David’s father died when he was about fifteen
  • Charlie wins a marksmanship award during training

415 — End Game

  • Larry has a crisis of conscience regrding his Higgs Boson work
  • Don and Robin are back together
  • Larry and Amita spend at least twenty hours a week on Higgs boson work
  • Colby was stationed in the Kunar Province while in Afghanistan

416 — Atomic No 33

  • Don’s favorite movie is the Preston Sturges comedy Sullivan’s Travels
  • Robin’s favorite candy is watermelon (she is not a fan of chocolate)

417 — Pay to Play

  • Charlie meets Amita’s parents, Tapti and Sanjay Ramanujan
  • Colby listens to Travis Tritt music
  • David listens to Curtis Mayfield, James Brown and early Stevie Wonder music
  • The “banker from Goa” to whom Amita was arranged to marry has since married a French woman he met in Belgium
  • Amita has a childhood friend, Kapil, who her parents try to arrange a relationship.
  • Megan is back in New York taking time off

418 — When Worlds Collide

  • Megan resigns from the FBI to counsel women in prison and finish her doctorate.
  • Charlie emails classified documents to scientists in Pakistan and is arrested.  He loses his clearance and as a result can no longer work on classified projects at CalSci or work with the FBI.
  • Charlie spent a year at MIT
  • Charlie is a Boson Celtics fan.